Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Heavy 40

There is a trick at the deli counter when ordering cold cuts.  If you want a half pound of turkey, but just a little bit more, not 3/4lb, not even 2/3lb, just a couple extra slices you order a “heavy half” pound.

gimme a heavy half lb of bologna, hold the thumb tip!

In a couple of months, ‘ole pappy Magoo will hit the big 52.  Some days it feels like 60.
Today, I’m calling it a “heavy 40.”


Carro Armato P 40 Heavy tank

Here is an off the cuff take on what I was taught or thought in my 70’s adolescence vs my current 52 year old adolescence.  These are just food for discourse.  Comments welcome or add your own categories.

Have a fantastic day!

                            1978                                          2017
Education             Get an education                     Educate yourself.

Job                      Get a good job.                         Try to make a living doing something 
                                                                              you enjoy.

Dreams                Follow your dreams                  Actualize your dreams

Health                  Don’t smoke                               Don’t eat processed food

Drugs                   Don’t do heroin                           Don’t do heroin

Religion                There is no God/Fcuk religion.     Explore spirituality

Technology           Wary excitement                          Seriously Addicted

Love                     Frightening                                  Spiritual wealth

Planning               Have something to fall back on.    Having a Plan B reduces the chance
                                                                                             of Plan A succeeding (Desperation is                                                                                        fuel).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Going to start a daily rundown instead of long rants.  Touching on odds and ends.  Please comment freely and make this interactive.  Please share freely as well.  Thanks and best, Magoo!

Now on to the show:

February 15, 2017:

1. Why are no journalists looking into Trump/Russian Mob ties in Brooklyn and Staten Island?

Trump Village, Trump's dad signature apartment complex in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  Brighton Beach is the largest Russian community in the US by far, with a legit sizable organized crime presence.  It's known for 21 year old girls driving $75k Mercedes SUV's and wearing the wedding ring of 65 yr old dapper dudes.  Or Manhattan Beach just a few blocks away across Sheepshead Bay canal, a sea of old beach homes renovated into LA style mod-mansions, built way out of code by Russian contractors with no permits and ok'd by a slap on the wrist fine from the city post facto.  All sorts of RE shenanigans.  So is it farfetched to think, in his many eminent domain and development fights, that he might have enlisted the help of some Slavic muscle?  Maybe looking at the Kremlin for links is too far.  Someone should look closer to home in NYC and see who's ready to toss Trump and Co. under a bus for fun or profit.  "Damn it Yuri, I need those people O.U.T.!"  "No problem, Comrade Trump, we fix for you.  Same price as last time. Da!"

2.  Starbucks vs Cheap Coffee

I am no coffee egghead or snoot, but I must say, when I spring for Starbucks, I DRINK THE SHIT!! When I buy the cheap stuff at the deli or worse, the $.50 cup Flavia sludge at the work dispenser, I seem to find it untouched on my desk, nuke it 4 times and still ends up undrunk!

On the flipside, Starbucks sandwiches taste like the shit you get on a plane or at the free continental breakfast that comes with a $39 Dew Crack Inn motel room.

3.  In Case Jesus is Busy, Help a Few At-Risk Youth Through Boxing!

A Facebook friend/acquaintance who I admire is part of a christian ministry for at-risk youth in western upstate NY.  Whether I agree or not with the Jesus-heavy program, I KNOW that religious organizations do much of the good that gets done for women, kids and families in this country.  He is running a boxing program for the boys out of his own pockets and is due to have a baby any day.  The program is in deep doo doo.  They started a modest GoFundME page.  Help if you can.  I love kids, I love boxing, I love kids building character and discipline through boxing.  So I share with youse...

Freedom Village Boxing Team     

4.  You Can't park That Plane There! It's Your Driveway!!

Big toodles in suburbia over a guy parking his small plane in his driveway.  Long Island is the NIMBY capital of the world, more meddlesome than even the most uber-heeled HOA.  NIMBY means "not in my backyard" and is tantamount to the Yenta hordes that link up with layers of political hack govt to block any sort of modern development.  They are Trumpeteers who crave some faux-utopia 1950's that never really existed, but selective memories make them romantic for it. McArthyism, Segregation, they love it.

Personally, for $14k taxes on an 1800sf home, you can park an aircraft carrier in the driveway if it fits for all I care.  Park a tank.  There are tons of boats and RV's in various stages of value all over the place.  Why is a small Cessna different.  Hell, it's an overpopulated island. We have boats to escape the apocalypse here.  I'd say Mr. Plane is light years ahead!  Amazing, we used to have NIMBY's, now we have NEIYOY's.  'Not Even In Your Own Yard'!

This 70 year old cantankerous owner did threaten any worker who touches it would meet the business end of a crossbow, but to no avail.  The town dismantled it while the guy was abroad.

5.  Dig, Forest, Dig!

And last, a shout out to my peeps in Maine who got socked with 3 1/2 feet of snow and looking at another foot today.  First, I moved from Bklyn to Maine in my senior year of high school, which may explain some of my insanity to some of you, and stayed there 5 years.  Despite the perception of Maine as a Siberian tundra, it's more like an LL Beany yup fest crossed with New England redneck yokel humor.  Similar weather to upstate NY/Catskills if you ask me.  Anyway, safe travels and smooth digging my friends!

Peace out, suckahs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

No Representation for You!

How did we get here...

Right now, the common sense moderate, hard working, tax paying, soldier-supplying American has no representation in government. NONE.

This is all the result of exactly what George Washington warned us about in his farewell address...the rise to too much power of individual political parties. If there are only 2 teams, one has to lose and you must root for one to lose. They cloak it as "not rooting for failure...just protecting you from the other team's potential success!"  

The day one side wins, the other is already gearing up for either obstruction, reelection or both. Compromise is a thing of the past. There is no common goal anymore. Add the complete corporatization of the press (MSNBC and FOX, 2 "news" outlets where you can predict the next words out of any announcers mouth before they say it)." That's not reporting, that's editorializing and pushing a political agenda. Complete FAILURE of journalism.

If that's not enough, dump in unending superPacs of deep pocketed special interests and Citizens United to completely take the common person out of the equation and making it a Politician-Corporation shell game where the economy is looted and the common folk left to duke it out for scraps in the parking lot while our "leaders" sip champagne and laugh. When it crashes, suddenly we're important and need to bail them out. They have had record profits for 6 years but the new guys have convinced you the banks are suffering and need your help deregulating them...again.  The definition of insanity is.....blah blah blah.  

Democracy is dead. The change agents we knee jerked into power are powerful people and talented liars. The opposition party is always steeped in survival and self-interest...and so ring HOLLOW to voters. This is the current state of the Dems.

So I say it again...right now, the common sense moderate, hard working, tax paying, soldier-supplying American has no representation in government. NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA.

Taxation without representation is tyranny.  There's yer fucking tea party!  Has NOTHING to do with Libs vs cons.

Friday, April 22, 2016

I Went to The Fights and No Hockey Game Broke Out!

Pittsburgh 5, Rangers 0

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.  It's not the lack of points, it's the lack of heart.

Anyway, I date me-self w/ that old ditty "I went to the fights and hockey game broke out."  That was a big joke in the 70's heyday of iron league hockey.  When the Broad Street Bullies of Philly pounded their way to two cups and heaped one of the biggest military defeats on the Soviets in history.  Not just the scoreboard win of those valiant kids in Lake Placid in 1980.  No, I mean the Flyers beat the living shit out of them, made them quit once, then return, beat their asses some more and sent them limping back to the Kremlin in disgrace.  That was the brutal truth of 'Eddie Shore, putting on the foil, old time hockey.'  The fans loved it, the league hated it.

Flash forward to 2016.  The league continues to take fighting out of the game and replace it with euro-styled double latte with skim milk hockey.  Sure, I love and revere the game, the speed, the beautiful puck movement, the mesmerizing goalkeeping.  All great.  When you can hang.  When your team can't, then what?  Roll over? Die?  Pack up and fly back to a life in Siberian exile?

The Rangers played one of the most heartless games I've seen in years last night.  I understand when it's just not going well.  Keanu's "quicksand" speech from The Replacements comes to mind.  One thing going wrong after another until you're stuck, sinking, like quicksand.  The Rangers were balls deep in it.  Mired to the nutsack.  Skating uphill in molasses in the winter.  They have been on the implosion path for a while with glimmers of potential.  When Hank isn't invincible the D is rapidly exposed for weakness.  The team is vastly overrated.  Individual stats are weak and team stats barely playoff worthy.  Haters aside, the Blueshirts sink or swim with Hank stopping 45 shots per game.  When he doesn't they aren't very good.  From the GM down, just not that great but overrated and under tremendous pressure as one of the most prominent but least respected franchise properties of the NHL.

Is fighting a part of the game?  Well when you're getting sticks in the face without penalty, getting out-shot, out-hit, out-drawn, out-played and embarrassed, there is an old school maneuver begging to be undertaken.  FIGHT!  Clear the fucking bench.  Brawl.  Fighting has always been a strategic part of the game.  To shift the momentum, to bait specific players into losing their shit and taking bad penalties, to getting the fans involved, to just shaking things up when necessary.  What lay people don't get is 1.  the Fighting is mostly symbolic.  Fighting on skates takes tons of balance that takes most of the sting off punches.  Basketball players hit each other flatfooted.  Thus always a one punch knockout.  Hockey is more like two rams slamming it out.  They go 'til they're wiped out, then shrug off, leaving it for the herd to decide.  2.  Cheap shots lead to retaliation which leads to fights.  No other sport allows full force contact in an enclosed space with sticks.  If they did, there would be fighting. 3.  The refs notoriously suck and miss dirty plays so players take responsibility of policing themselves, but they aren't very responsible about it.  Each tries to get away with as much as possible and the game gets out of control.  When it does, it's wonderful! 

I could never imagine a team in the 70's (or 80's-90's for that matter) who would play like the Rangers did, take the kind of cheap shit shots they took, go down 3-0, then 4-0 and do NOTHING.

It is a pure embarrassment.

Gloves and pads should have been strewn all over that ice.  Five Rangers should have been in the penalty box.  The house should have been rocking and no one should have cared about the score at that point.  Instead the Rangers limped to the finish...for 40 minutes.  Torture for the fans.  Embarrassing to the franchise.  Empowering to the opponent.

I am not a great soccer coach but I am a pretty good coach in general.  I look to create (ball)players.  They don't have to be great.  I teach and preach heart, passion, pride, team spirit, self-respect, respect for the game and the dynamics of "sport."  You can learn the buzzwords from TV, absorbed by talking heads from post game pressers and old school clich├ęs.  But to truly understand, you need to feel it in the heat of battle, on the field, the ice, the court, the pitch.  They can go on to better, sport specific coaches after me, but they will have reverence for athletics, themselves, the game and know how to present themselves as winners wherever they go and whatever challenges they may face.  I may not make great players, but I use the tenets of team and sport to make solid young men.  That's what I can give.  I was mostly self-raised and self-taught.  I can only go so far teaching fundamentals, but I can raise spirits.  For that I'm proud and grateful.  I also have great mentors in dad coaches I know and see. 

So it seems unsportsmanlike to preach fighting I suppose.  IF you don't have 45 years of hockey lust.  It's a different animal.  The Rangers OWED it to the fans to put on a show last night.  At some point, giving it your all must include exhibiting some true passion and heart.  Down 4-0, a nifty fleeting pass play doesn't cut it.

"let 'em know you're there.  put a stick in his ribs and let 'em know you're there, bleed all over 'em and let 'em know you're there."

Fans paid upwards of five bills for a ticket and walked out early.  If the Rangers dropped the heartless euro pansy shtick and went to war with those high sticking douchebags and taken matters into their own hands, they might have lost six nothing or more and some would have taken early showers for game misconducts.  But NO ONE would have left and the talk would be much different today.  The Garden would have rocked.  The feeling would be different today. 

Losing in 5 isn't the worst thing.  Being branded "heartless" is.  No white board needed.  Here is the game plan:

I suggest the Rangers put on the foil on Saturday, go in there and win or lose, leave an indelible mark on Pittsburgh's face.  Forget the comeback miracle.  Go win your manhood back and make us proud. 



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Long Island....THINK BIG....or DIE!!

Call this a belligerent rant.  Call is a PSA.  Call it a cry from the suburban wilderness with an hour left to find firewood and shelter from another impending shit storm of economic decline.

"If you ain't first, yer last."   Ricky Bobby 

But to be serious, it's not about being first or last.  It's about being in the race.  It's about survival.  It's about competing in a modern world.  It's about (forgive my silly homily) a better life for our kids and grandkids.  We must grow.  If you're not growing, you're dying.  Economically, competitively, spiritually, physically.  Literally.

Sometimes I can give people and their 'leaders' the benefit of the doubt and assume good but misguided intentions.  Not today.  NOT T.O.D.A.Y.  Shit just got real....again.  As real as Wang threatening to pull the Islanders.  As real as the Nimby coward bitch whiny babies and nepotistic parasitic plebes that are running this place into the potato field dirt.

If you are voting Republican on Long island, you are a fucking moron. Want to discuss it? Call 1-800-URA-DICK. The sooner the rest get indicted, the better. Doesn't mean I like dems. They suck too, but way way way less.

Cuomo lays out a package (bogus as most political packages are in an election year, of course) that is exactly what is needed and the window for all that fed money is NOW NOW NOW!!  Use it or lose it.  Some other forward-thinking metro WILL GET IT instead of us, that's a FACT!!

Governor's Press Release

Repub immediate response: "the ideas are all non-starters, phleeebt, ...nyah nyah [braying like incompetent asses]." In fairness, Sens. Tom Croci (R, Sayville) and Phil Boyle (R, Bay Shore) seem to be honest injuns' and are expressing positive vibes for the anyone with a lick of sense and without a hidden agenda should.

LI Republican response. 
We lost the Islanders and a world class arena, businesses still heading for the exit, foreclosures still highest in the country, taxes highest in the country, job growth anemic and what remains is becoming service industry based w/ wages that don't sustain living here. Youth exodus, total brain drain. Wake up, Nimby assholes. Wake the fuck up!!!! 

Too many law degrees in the legislature(s), not an MBA in the house. Again,  if you're not growing, you're DYING. Sustainable GROWTH is life.  This isn't 1950. Everyone has the internet. Wall St is NOT LI's cash cow (well it still kind of is which tells you how behind the curve we are). I just met recently with some Nassau County mucky mucks (Deputy County Exec, the one NOT under indictment, Exec's lead counsel, big name judge, a few others) regarding their procurement fiasco and crimes.  Sat at the big table and gave suggestions on how to do things right when all they are looking for is ways to maintain the status quot and keep themselves out of the newspaper and jail cells.  For real.  They not only don't get it, they have no desire to get it.  They don't want to know.  They want the status quo...and they want it in the dark of their conference room, not in the light of exposure.
I swear they KNOW they do it wrong.  That does not bother them.  They need a consultant to advise how to continue to do it wrong but not have to hear about it from pesky journalists and prosecutors.

They are the most out of touch, arrogant, delusional fucktards I have ever met and I mean that in a nice way. It's not personal. It's systemic, intentional malfeasance and ineptitude. Greed, power, bullshit. Enjoy Rikers, dummies. I'm sending a gift basket to Preet Barara in thanks for locking up these jerkoffs....but they'll never do a minute in the tank.  They will put in for the phat pensions they protected even upon conviction with laws rubber stamped in wee hour legislative sessions.  That's bi-partisan, make no mistake.  Silver and Skelos can share a cell, no skin off my ass.  Cuomo is no hero.  He's probably the next up for indictment...which is why he's tossing out ambitious election year plans.

but that doesn't make the plans any less important...and NECESSARY.

Dems at least trying...

Nice to see Adam Haber Adam Haber in the mix.  Strange to vote for someone and actually see them doing something we discussed. 

That is all. arrrrgggghhhhhh.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/4/13 Sons of Misha: Depression in the Twitter Age.

Haven't blogged in a while.  No time.  Haven't done a lot of important things.  Too busy with other important things.  I see my blessings for the blessings they are these days and focus on them. Unfortunately history has shown I'm not really a very insightful judge of things that affect my own spirit.

Yesterday I found out my cousin Erin took her own life at 35 years old.  Erin and I didn't see each other or talk much but we had a certain connection and fondness for each other.  The primary connection was an affection and reverence for our uncle Misha.  Misha was a great, loving, honest caring guy.  Perfectly an uncle to me in that my father wasn't there and Misha had no kids and genuinely liked my brother and myself.   As a dysfunctionally raised, insecure kid, I wasn't sure anyone except my grandmother and Misha liked me.  Misha was that ONE adult in a position of influence who didn't say "you should do this or that" (actually he did say I should go to business school after helping him sell antique jewelry at flea markets on the weekends, but I didn't take that too seriously since I was like 8 or 9 years old, but I digress) or "don't do this or that."  He asked "what do YOU want to do?"  From a very real conversation I answered "I want to be a drummer, play drums."  He inquired quite matter-of-factly "are you any good?"  I replied "people tell me I'm really good.  I think I am."  He asked "then what do you need."  I said "drums."  He said "how much do they cost."  I said "about $1000 bucks."  He said "how much do you have?"  I said "about $280."  He said "meet me at Manny's at lunch time and we'll see what we can find.  So we did and I got my 1st real  kit, sacrificing decent cymbals to get a $350 maple snare that is pitted and rusty but sounds as good today as the day we got it, about 28 years ago.  I played those drums all over the country in snow and rain and I still have them.  They are a major part of my journey.

Misha was gay and could never ever come out of the closet.  The stigma to him was just too great and yet when I think back, like most families of gay men, most of us knew.  This kept him very lonely and despite his good nature and outward happiness, living a lie caused him great pain.  He died in one of the early years of "the virus" when it was still mostly a "gay men's" disease in NYC.  I say he pulled a "Freddie Mercury" in that he didn't tell almost anyone until just a few weeks before he died.  Not enough time to really say goodbye.

So how does this relate to the Facebooky Tweety culture in my pinball machine of a brain?  I found out about Erin's passing on Facebook.  That medium bothered some but didn't really bother me.  Her folks are isolated in Vegas and likely had no more practical manner to reach out to their own friends far away and particularly to Erin's friends who they likely didn't know.  Besides being in abject pain, they also were worn out from trying for years to love her through her troubles and save her.  Erin suffered from depression.  My family has a history of mental illness on both sides...maybe all three sides when parts of my wife's family are included, but then, I think it's in every family...overlooked, ignored, misdiagnosed, mistreated, over or under medicated.  In my history, it was ignored, squashed, buried, a cancer left to grow in the dark.  "We are as sick as our secrets" is a common 12 step slogan, and "our secrets grow in the dark and die in the light of exposure."

We often see people as we want to see them and I always thought Erin was so together.  Beautiful, smart, sensitive.  A fantasy cousin/sister I was thrilled to have.  From the side of the family most whacked out and yet most influential.  We were the Sons of Misha.  I could include Erin's aunts and my cousins Shari and Marilyn who were cut from similar cloth except possibly still of the previous generation and were the silk that sort of connected us and held us all tenuously together, even at great distances and time apart.

But that's just it.  This FB thing is a ruse.  We connect and reconnect with friends, family and strangers near and far, but it's very superficial.  Communications coming down to 2 lines of congratulations, or "cool picture" or "I love that song."  Lots and lots of "miss yous" and "we need to all get togethers" but it's easier to skip those phone calls when you just sent a 1 line comment.  Easy to never write a letter because...well who the hell writes letters anymore?!

I never knew or dreamed or imagined Erin had a depression/substance abuse problem.  I thought cigarettes were her biggest vice.  Man am I an idiot.  Being the poster boy in my family and my generation's representative of messed up'edness, least likely to succeedism, rock star burnout fantasy cum recovery and ultimately stable family happy ending guy, about 4 years ago I got a call from Shari telling me about Erin being in the hospital or an inpatient rehab (I can't recall but believe it was a near OD or maybe indirect suicide attempt) and asking if I could talk to her.  I was floored.  I had no clue.  I asked Shari for her number and said I will call her or she can reach out to me , knowing the latter would be unlikely due to stigma and shame (been there done that).  12th step calls are like unplanned pregnancy.  They just show up unannounced.  I called her from a Disney pool in Orlando that night.  We talked for 2 hours and I laid it all out for her.  My journey, some stuff (what little I knew) about our history (brilliant musical savant and full blown schizophrenic grandma Eda, Misha stories, my dad the pathological anti-realist, liar and screwup, my Mom and Stepdad the 12 step warriors and recovery professionals, whatever).  I tried to persuade her to go to meetings, stay in rehab, surrender, give herself a break.  All that jazz.  I believe in it.  I do.  I am Mr. Together now, but there were times I crawled with tears in my eyes into meetings in foreign cities because I was mentally and spiritually lost.  Sometimes those foreign cities were my home group, local, comfortable and yet I was still lost.  They propped me up.  Gave me a chance to heal.  To believe this too shall pass.  And everything does.  One way or another.

After that Erin was doing better (I believed).  I know she put some time clean together (over a year).  I didn't have the slightest clue about her level of depression.  And this is where it gets me.  All of our communications over the last 2 years were one line comments on Facebook.  Comments on my son's soccer picture or an old pic of me with one of a thousand punk hairdoos.  She had gotten a new job, I thought she found a guy she liked, stuff like that.  Always every 3rd or 4th message with a "we need to see each other soon."  Always.  This too has passed.

Social media is great.  It is a remarkable tool to connect and reconnect.  It does not and cannot replace a phone call or a visit.  It just can't.  The realization that it sort of prolongs the procrastination and feeds the illusion that we are "in touch" just causes me great pain today.  It's not a call or a letter, it's barely even a post card.  It's a passing wave in the hallway or a hello standing at the next urinal.  It's bullshit.  Great authors and artists have great books of letters to each other.  Historic letters.  The letters, on their own read as literature today.  They are portraits of time and emotion and life and love and pain.  In 100 years will someone reading back over our FB comments and Tweets find us as human?  Will our Tweets reflect any soul or depth?

Sure, I'm just venting because I'm angry that depression took another soul.  One I love and care about and deserved better.  And again, I didn't get to say goodbye.  My selfish self wants a hug.  I want her back.  I can fix this shit.  If only..........



Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23/13 A Historic Moment in Women's Sports History that Women Don't Know About

2/23/13 A Historic Moment in Women's History that Women Don't Know About Is Tonight:

A watershed moment in feminism was the tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.  The idea of a woman beating a man straight up was unheard of and Billie Jean made no bones about her desire to right that wrong and America watched and attitudes changed.  Tennis already had women competitors and it's own stature apart from the men's game.

Tonight women's history will be made in MMA. Yes, Mixed Martial Arts when 2 women, yes 2 women headline a main event in the UFC.  This should on the surface have even greater significance than that famed tennis match for a number of reasons.  First, it is women gaining the spotlight in a TOTALLY male dominated sport.  The women's game exists, but it is really in it's infancy.  Secondly, these two combatants have earned their stripes clawing up through the ranks of a brutal and sacrificial sport.  They are true warriors.  They won't be hitting a ball back and forth, they will be hitting each other.

Third, the back stories are just made for today's media hungry tabloid society.  "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is a phenomenon, taking the game by storm, impressing everyone from the harshest sexist critic to the most open minded fight aficionado.  She is just that good.  She was an Olympic Judo Champion.  She also looks good.  She is cute and blond, has poise, swagger, has posed (with and without clothes) all over, hit the talk circuit and talked smack as well as humbly about her youth and upbringing as a fighter.  If you see her interviewed on TV you might think she is a surfer or cheerleader.  When you see her in the ring you might think she's Mike Tyson who breaks limbs....or Godzilla.  She is intimidating.  She is 6-0 in her MMA career, destroying every opponent inside 1 round with devastating arm bars...more than one that probably ended in surgical repair to her opponent.

Her foe (or prey if you're a betting person) for the big show,  Liz "Girl-Rilla" Carmouche has her own bona fides in and out of the ring.  While not as model hotty as Rousey, she is openly and proudly the first gay fighter in MMA.  While only touting three years experience, she served 3 tours of duty in Iraq as a Marine.  She has risen through the ranks and after an unsuccessful start has made serious bones in the Invicta league.  She is a heavy underdog.  It may be that only a real Marine was tough and crazy enough to fight Rousey and the UFC knew it.  She has the fight in her.  The difficulty is Rousey has the fight and impeccable technique.  

The fight itself may be short but it will be great and explosive.  Blink and you'll miss it.  Likely Carmouche will just be the next chum in Rousey's shark tank.  Or she may take Rousey into water's she's never swam.  That's to be seen tonight.

It is however, already historic, not just for MMA, but for women.  Having a man vs woman exhibition tennis match is good.  Having two women headline potentially the biggest pay per view of the year in a completely male-centric sport is better.  This is a watershed moment.

Billie Jean King made women feel equal to men.  These two may seal the deal that women can potentially kick the living shit out of men!  How's that for equality?!

Oh yeah, some other guys are fighting, too.  Henderson-Machida should be a great match.